VORON 2.0 announced and sneak peek

RussianCatFood, the creator of VORON, announced the newest iteration of VORON. The VORON 2.0.

The release date is probably arround Christmas 2017. In the Slack channel of the community he already published some of the features..

Some of the information he shared:

  • The new extruder of VORON 2.0 is the VORON MÖBIUS, you find the BOM, installation guide and the 3D models here: http://mzbot.us/voron_mobius

  • There exists now a configurator to calculate the extrusion and railsizes depending of the print size you want. The configurator allows also to consider an upgrade form VORON 1.0 or VORON 1.5:

Of course i will upgrade to the newest version of VORON, thats the reason why I already created a new project page here on my blog.

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